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I recently wrote this, it's also on my blog at www.wiseorange.​ca

You’re Uniquely Made

Watch this video, in a way this is the story of anybody who feels lost and unsure about their path.

“You’re special and uniquely made, nobody else can do what YOU’re suppose to do in this world, NOBODY ELSE, and if you don’t do it, we won’t have it. I continue to believe one reason why our society is so missed up is because some people who were born to do certain things, just drop the ball, they didn’t do it and so for every person who didn’t do what they needed to do, because they were given unique gifts and talents, WE’RE MISSING SOMETHING AS A SOCIETY. If y’all keep going the way you’re going, that’s 17 more gifts we’re missing as a society. DON’T DO IT”

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