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Celinka Serre Website: binkyproductions.com
Message me! Contact: info@binkyproductions.com
Payment: Basically, I like to package my services for the specific project, which allows for a closer look at the client's needs. There are some services, however, that will be charged per hour. I will always provide a quote first so we can both assess: needs, wants, price and make sure that we are both happy with the decided cost of the services I will be providing for you.
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About: Celinka Serre is an independent filmmaker who’s been producing projects since 2003. Passionate and dedicated about her work, being self-funded has never been an obstacle for her to reach her goals in the Filmmaking business. What's more, is she has been living with PTSD for the best part of ten years and it has not stopped her from pursuing her dreams or from living the life she wants to live. To the contrary, it has pushed her to further her career, taking her time to do things meticulously, and given her strength and focus when it is most needed. Her happy-go-lucky attitude is a trait appreciated by all whom she works with, and to her, one of her most valued assets. Since she began her career, Celinka has produced several independent titles as well as a number of short and random comedy videos, festival vlogs, web series and various multimedia projects, on top of providing screenwriting/writing and video post-production services to fellow artists, which can on the most part be viewed on her website.

Offering: I'm offering my services as a Freelancer for various specialties. As a writer, I can write blog articles or reviews about your own work if you are an artist as well. If you've been taking photos and feel some of them need touching up (i.e. colour correction, unifying, fixing the lighting), I can take care of that for you. If you've been filming and need a specific edit or even a DVD/Blu-Ray, I can do that too. I also offer my other services to anyone who wishes to utilise my talents, such as screenplay writing, fantasy-fiction story writing, other video post-production services (colour correction, SFX lists, and of course, editing and DVD Authoring). I also am quite adept at Cocktail Creation and have created many drinks since taking a bartending class, including a drink specifically for a Film Festival, so I can do that for you as well, if you are in need to a specific drink for a specific event. Feel free to visit my website to get a feel for the full range of services I offer.

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Healing Through Humour

Healing Through Humour is a series of capsules depicting the life of a character living with PTSD, anxiety and depression. Inspired by a serious reality, it is an e... See More

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