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Samantha Dignan Website: www.facebook.com
Message me! Contact: 438-501-5593
Business address: 1238 Rue Bélanger, Montreal, QC
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About: An inspiring and encouraging teacher, Samantha has made music a central part of her life from a young age. She immerses herself in the local musical community and participates in many ensembles. She has her Bachelor of Music degree but also believes teaching students is a valuable learning experience. Samantha primarily plays classical music, but likes to expose herself and her students to contemporary genres as well. She inspires students to learn by addressing their musical tastes and helping them discover repertoire that resonates with them. Aside from teaching flute, piano and guitar, she is also proficient in musical theory and likes to ensure students have a strong foundation in rudimental theory. She also gives the students the option to study the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) program or take a more fun, casual approach to lessons. As a young adult, Samantha can relate to younger and older students. By creating a nonjudgmental environment, she encourages students to give feedback and bring new musical ideas forward. She believes all students have musical potential and will flourish in their own unique way.

Offering: Flute lessons, piano lessons, guitar lessons or theory lessons

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