.با مونترالی های خود نقش و کارهای آنها آشنا شوید
Communiquez avec des Montréalais authentiques et découvrez ce qu'ils font.
Connect with authentic Montrealers and discover what they're doing.

Message me! Contact: Sarah.samaniniya@gmail.com
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About: hi everyone, I'm Sarah. I'm always impressed by creativity and thinking out of the box. I'm inspired by genuine people who think and act creatively to follow their own desire and pattern. They are usually the people who help the society to improve.

Offering: I am pleased by helping people to enjoy their lives. I feel good when I act creatively and add value to their life. I'm also happy when I motivate them; when I make some positive changes in the way that they are looking into the life. I'm good at listening to people. I listen to them, and what makes me happy is helping them to see how unique and talented they are.

Ehsan Afkhami

Small Sahar

People get lost... when there is no one to hold their hands tight...
To tell them not to go anywhere... that their being and staying is good...
It's not just in crowds and noisy places that people get lost...
Sometimes people get lost just in the silence of a room...
When there is no one to call their name...
They get lost... fade away... and vanish...
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