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Sovereign Music Movement Website: sovereignmusicmovement.com
Message me! Contact: Sovereignmusicmovement@gmail.com or call 514-941-1505
Payment: Our engagement fee is 55$ per person and comes with gift and memorable experience.
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About: Sovereign music movement is a publishing company with Urbaine Cultural Engagements on a weekly basis This organization has a very beautiful vision geared unto giving new societal perspectives through music art, particularly using Hip-Hop to forge the message. Sovereign Music Movement is in Montreal gathering like minded people and artists who agree with moral principles of music, especially in Hip-Hop, culture and over all life. We believe Montreal is ready to contribute and benefit to the multi billion dollar industry of hip hop. As such Sovereign Music Movement is working to bring good powerfully conscious music and social awareness to the warm people of Montreal Quebec and Canada...the whole world.

Offering: Join us on an evening to engage in some of Montreal's organic culture of music & events via the Sovereign Music Movement.

Small Sovereign Music Movement

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Small Sovereign Music Movement
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Small Sovereign Music Movement
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