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Communiquez avec des Montréalais authentiques et découvrez ce qu'ils font.
Connect with authentic Montrealers and discover what they're doing.

Terry Weaymouth Website: youtu.be
Message me! Contact: terryweaymouth@gmail.com
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About: I am a 35 year old First Nations male who was born and raised in Ontario. My primary language is English and I have travelled extensively throughout North America with my family. My areas of interest are Canadian History and culture as well as current events. I am relatively new to Montreal but I have been here before and I love meeting new people who are willing to sit down to chat. I am a proud Ojibwe person who is always striving to learn new ways to educate others.

Offering: What I am offering to tourists is a simple meet and greet sharng not only local history but visitor safety and awareness to insure a pleasant and memorable stay. I currently live in the downtown area so it`s convenient for you.

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